Composites, Tooling

Composites, Tooling:
We simplify the sourcing process for the composites, mould making and tooling industry with our comprehensive product portfolio from renowned manufacturers and our technical advice.

The portfolio includes all you need to design and manufacture composite parts for the aerospace, automotive, yacht building and wind power industries as well as sport equipment:

  • Laminating Resins and Gelcoats (Epoxy, Polyester)
  • Polyester Bonding Pastes and Putties
  • Reinforcements based on Glass, Carbon and Aramide (Roving, Textiles, Glass Chopped Strand Mat, Hybrids, Non-Woven Fabrics, Non Crimp Fabrics)
  • Core Materials for Sandwich Structures (Honeycombs, Foams, Balsa Wood)
  • Materials for Resin Infusion, Vacuum Bagging and Tools (Bagging Films, Release Foils, Breathers and Bleeders, Peel Plies, Spirotubes, Vacuum Valves and Hoses, Tapes, Rubber, Resin Infusion Products, Release Agents, Adhesives and more )
  • Auxiliary Materials

Our portfolio of tooling products includes materials to design and manufacture master models, moulds or multiple prototypes:

  • Modelling Pastes
  • Boards
  • Tooling Gelcoats and Resins
  • Casting Resins
  • Decorative Acrylic Materials
  • Mould Making Silicones and more

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