Co-operating with global leaders of the chemical specialties production, we can offer a wide range of polymers additives for our customers:

  • halogen, non-halogen and inorganic flame retardants
  • antioxidants (phenol, phosphates, thioesters) for variety plastics and rubbers
  • UV absorbers for variety plastics
  • environmental friendly plasticizer DOTP for PVC
  • catalysts and silicone surfactants for PU
  • silans and silicones for variety plastics and rubbers
  • hydrocarbons – special solvents and gas for chemical industries(Isododekan, Hexadodekan, Cyklopentan)
  • fillers for plastics and rubber
  • biocides and fungicides dedicated for wide range of the plastics
  • polietylen wax for polyolefin and PVC
  • viscosity  improvement, adhesive promotor, special solvents for production and modification for polyolefin and polystyrene


As a partner of global raw materials Coatings and Construction Chemicals Department has a wide portfolio of special raw materials. 

In our offer you will find among others:

  • waterborne acrylic, polyurethane and hybrid dispersions for wood, plastic and metal coatings
  • silicone resin emulsions and water repellents emulsions for architectural coatings
  • water repellents for mineral surfaces protection
  • biocides and dispersing agents for paints, mortars and dry admixtures
  • defoamers, crosslinkers, wetting and texturing agents for paints and coatings
  • additives for silicone, acrylic, PU, SPUR sealants and adhesives
  • flame retardants, antioxidants, UV absorbers, plasticizers
  • additives for cement- and gypsum mortars
  • epoxy resins and hardeners

Additionally we offer paper coating systems with emulsion, solvent-less and solvent based silicones, industrial defoamers and lubricants.