The manufacturing of household product, also professional  cleaning and care products requires a suitable ingredients, such as builders, surfactants, complexing and dispersing agents, foam boosters or defoamers, preservatives and fragrances.  Also another materials, like waxes, silicone fluids and emulsions, or film forming ingredients are necessary especially for those producers who manufacture surface care products. All of these ingredients You can find in our offer portfolio. Our customers can expect also support, such as information how to apply raw materials and what kind of benefits they can achieve. This kind of information seems to be precious for customers because it is based on our wide experience. It is worth to seize an opportunity of cooperation with us.


Our offer dedicated to cosmetics industry is a complex set of raw materials, which can be individually adjusted to the needs of our customers. We offer products for a number of cosmetic applications including cleaning, styling, caring and decorative but also special additives to enrich final product properties. From simple surfactants and thickeners to esthetic modifiers, emulsifiers and actives.
Natural origin raw materials play a significant role in this set. They fulfill the highest quality standards and are our proposal for “natural” market trends but also directed to a environmental care. Inseparable element of this offer is our know how supported by long-term experience.


We supply most comprehensive range of specialty products dedicated for pharmaceutical and medical industry. As a partner of carefully selected leading global suppliers, of actives and pharmaceutical additives, we are providing a number of interesting technologies and innovative solutions, which significantly improve efficiency of healing. Therefore, we strongly believe that success of our clients is our success. Utilizing our widest range of silicone based portfolio for pharmaceutical and medical industry, we are able to offer you product-lines of: Medical Elastomers, Simethicones, Silicone Fluids, Topical Excipients, Silicone Tubing and, etc. Especially, we would like to pay your attention to unique range of polysaccharides used as actives or pharmaceutical additives in a number of innovative drugs and generics, nowadays. Furthermore, we have a pleasure to offer you standardized pharmaceutical herbal extracts, which come with Common Technical Document Drug Master Files (CTD EDMF) and Clinical Studies. As we fully understand demanding nature of Pharmaceutical and Medical market segments, we will offer you market-focused Technical Sales Experts. Due to our unique offer of specialty products, we open to understand your needs, whether you require individual, application-related technical advice (including the development of individual formulation suggestions), GMP-compatible storage of pharmaceutical additives or a generous range of finished products or semi-finished products for organic synthesis, to name just a few aspects - we give you as customer exactly the support that you require.